Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jackie Chan's New Private Plane

Here are some photos of Jackie Chan's brand-new Embraer Legacy 650 private jet which the star bought in early December.

Weird Guy On The Radio Tower

In Oklahoma, a man climbed a radio tower and did not want to go down. Imagine, he spent more than six days under the scorching sun. Rescue workers even attempted to remove the poor fellow, but he refused.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Creative Résumé Designs

When sending résumé for a job, a designer’s résumé is of utmost importance. This is precisely what should be attention-grabbing and creatively designed. This portrays the level of creativity and also aids in standing out from the rest who also happen to be applying for the same position. We hope that these creative résumés will inspire you to think out of the box and redesign your application papers with success.

Curriculum Vitae by Jonny-Rocket
Attraction is the standard. This quote fulfills the requirements of attraction and represents a gorgeous work of art:

Private Planes – Billionaires Unleashed

When air travel is in question, the rich and famous fly in their own private jets. Equipped with luxurious interiors to suit their delicate taste, these private planes such as Cessna, Boeing, or Convair, make the trips their wealthy owners more comfortable and enjoyable. So, next time you fly in economy class I bet you'll think about these lucky guys.

10. Donald Trump and his Boeing 727-23
Originally operated by American Airlines, this 1968 vintage jet was reconfigured to hold 23, with pale leather armchairs, gold plated seatbelt buckles, oil paintings, and Waterford crystal lamps. The "Trump" logo on the side of the aircraft is 30 feet long, 4 feet high, and made of 23 carat gold leaf.

Top 10: Weirdest Looking Sea Creatures

By LeTune

After the successful listing the weirdest looking emo kids we are now exhibiting the ugliest and most obscure of the animal kingdom. Needless to say these creatures can’t compete with the creation of human subcultures but take into account that none of the listed animals below are using mascara and are weird looking for the sole purpose of survival, not just because they hate their parents.

The Piglet Squid
The Piglet Squid (Helicocranchia) is perhaps not as weird looking as entirely adorable. This odd creature was first discovered of the coast of Nigeria and lives in deep ocean the world over. It is about the size of an orange and uses its small rastafari-like fins to swim around.

The Butterfly - Powerful Symbol Of Transformation

The butterfly was selected to be the primary symbolic representation for Journey of Heartsbecause it undergoes a major transformation process as part of its normal life cycle. The butterfly was also chosen because many view it as a symbol of joy, happiness, of spring, rebirth and renewal. This beautiful insect also evokes an image that is mild and gentle, one that can touch the heart during difficult times and one of strength - think of the migration of the monarchs.

Mirror Of The Past

A series of prints created by photographer Tom Hussey (Tom Hussey).
Very cool idea!

The Icon A5

ICON has been creating a series of special aircraft designs since 2005 and, led by a former U.S. Air Force F-16 pilot, has just released the ICON A5. This elegant plane was designed in compliance with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)'s demands, which regulates America's air traffic for this type of flight - recreational flight.

Transparent Bicycle!

by Jimmy Kuehnle.

Yes, the cycle is completely transparent, except for the chain and bearings. Constructed of Lexan or "bullet proof glass," the bike exists in a dual reality as sculpture and transportation. Once again the outfit compliments the bicycle sculpture this time as a clear vinyl suit. Citizens of Austin and San Antonio saw all or nothing since the bike and the suit were "invisible"...

The Crossbow Motorbike

Crossbow Motorbike is the world’s first true all weather two wheeler. Created by industrial designer Phil Pauley, the Crossbow takes the safety and comfort of motorcyclists to another level. To shield the rider from the elements during all kinds of weather conditions, the motorbike comes with a canopy cover that extends overhead and provides shelter from rain, snow and even the sun and allows the rider to focus on the road ahead without being distracted or discomforted.

Snail Caviar

Caviar and snails – two of France’s most loved delicacies come together with the release of the first-of-its-kind snail caviar by De Jaeger, a snail farm specializing in this exotic delicacy. 50 grams retails for US$ 115, a steep price justified by the complex, costly and time-consuming process by which they are produced.

Abandoned Hotels in the Desert

I’m not the only one fascinated by pictures of abandoned buildings, because I’ve run across quite a few such photo collections on the Web. The hotels now look more like “architectonic sculptures” in the desert, the photographers claim, or derelict abstractions, as if some aging and half-crazed billionaire had constructed an eccentric sculpture park for himself amongst the dunes.

Brazilian Prison

Terrible images of Brazilian life in prison. Seems like conditions in Russia are slightly better ....

Work In China - Photographs By Edward Burtynsky

Burtynsky has always been interested in man-made changes in the landscape and territory, especially those to do with the development of industries. There is something philosophical about all this. According to him, the main stages in human evolution are measured by the use and exploration of the Earth's resources by humans: the Stone Age, Metal, Coal, Oil, etc. In his work, he tries to capture, in details and contrasts, the dialectics of a human being, who, in the search of a more comfortable environment, quickly consumes and destroys it. These images of contradiction are understood by the artist as a metaphor for modern times. His recent reportage about manufacturing in China is an example of this point of view.

Unusual Phenomenon in Pakistan

An amazing phenomenon that occurred in the Sindh province of Pakistan. After major floods that hit Pakistan in 2010, the population observed this amazing phenomenon. Spiders that were crawling on the ground before the floods were forced to climb the trees and now the trees are woven a remarkably large number of spiders’ webs. The spiders had since made the trees as ​​their new homes. Incidently, Pakistan showed a reduced number of malaria cases ever since the spiders had woven their webs around the whole trees.

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